In these uncertain times, we’re here to help

In these uncertain times, we’re here to help

Many young people are anxious about what is happening in our communities at the moment.  They may be worrying about their families, especially their grandparents.  Their behaviour may have changed.  They may not be sleeping as well.  If they have existing mental health issues, these may be more challenging for them. Psychological Services is a group of fully qualified Registered Psychologists who work with students, their schools and their families or caregivers to provide high quality support for the mental health and well-being of young people, so that their education can progress as smoothly as possible.

 We have been working with schools for many years now.  Because we offer a bulk billing outreach service, this means young people have been able to access support without having to leave the school campus and at no cost to their schools, families or caregivers.  Costs are covered through Medicare. At the moment, students can access up to 10 individual sessions and up to 10 group sessions per calendar year.

Now that many are at home as the community responds to our new state of affairs and schools plan closures and semi closures, we’d like you to know that we can continue to offer the same services via Telehealth, which enables you and your child/ren to attend an appointment via video conferencing or phone.

We will be in touch with our existing clients to discuss how this works.  We invite medical practitioners, schools, families and caregivers to get in touch with us to discuss new referrals.    

Or simply follow these easy steps:

  • Make a booking with your GP to discuss a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)
  • Arrange to have the MHCP emailed to
  • will email a Client Intake Form to be completed before the first appointment
  • You will then be contacted by one of our qualified psychologists to discuss that first appointment
  • Initially, Medicare covers 6 sessions. Your psychologist will then complete a treatment report for your doctor.  A further 4 sessions may be accessed if your GP puts a Review Mental Health Care Plan in place.

We welcome any questions you may have

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