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With children, parents, schools for children. is a group of Registered Psychologists who work with children, their families and school staff inside the child’s school.

This accessible form of treatment holistically manages the mental health concern without unduly impacting school attendance.

Costs are also fully covered through Medicare allowing all students free access to professional care.
· individual therapy.

· Group therapy.

· Workshops for parents.

· Workshops for teachers. 

Ana Santos
Ana Santos is a registered clinical psychologist in private practice. She has practiced, trained in, and managed Trauma and Psychological First Aid with the United Nations services in Kosovo and East-Timor, Portuguese Red Cross, fire-fighters, police forces, correctional services, as well as in private-practice contexts. Ana has extensive experience working with diverse populations across the life span. She has facilitated group workshops across Europe, Africa, and Australia.
Kevin Fisher
Kevin Fisher is a Psychologist with almost 20 years of experience working with students in school settings, and is part owner of Psychological Services. Kevin provides school based mental health counselling, support, education and training for students and their families with psychological, behavioural, peer and family issues.
Michelle Rhyder-Obid
Michelle Rhyder is an AHPRA registered psychologist. She has worked in government, school settings and private practice. Michelle has experience working with children and adolescents with a variety of presentations including autism, anxiety, anger, depression, ADHD, and trauma. Michelle also has experience working with parents to manage their child's difficult behaviour at home. She uses a cognitive-behavioural approach to treatment. Michelle has also facilitated group programs for children.
We are a WA based business, so we know the local challenges schools face.
Working with Public, Independent and Private schools in Perth Metro area we are able to provide individual therapy  to children, adolescents, parents, teachers and school staff.
Our Psychologists work with Primary and Senior High School and liaise with the staff as necessary to be able to provide the best support to the student.

Who is eligible?
Children and adolescents, parents, teachers and other school staff.
How is the process done?
You need to go to the GP and ask for a Mental Health Plan and with that MHP we can bulk bill you as long as we can use a space at the school. This comes at no costs for you or the school. 

You can access 6 sessions and if necessary, after a review plan with a GP you can have 4 more sessions.  
What kind of issues do you see?
Anxiety Disorders (separation Anxiety, School Refusal, OCD, GAD, fears, habits, phobias, Panic Disorders,etc) 
Adjustment disorder 
Unexplained somatic complaints 
Conduct disorder, ODD 
Bereavement disorders 
Post-traumatic stress disorder 
Eating disorders 
Mixed anxiety and depression 
Dissociative (conversion) disorder 
Sleep problems 
Hyperkinetic (attention deficit) disorder 
Enuresis (non-organic) 
Mental disorder, not otherwise specified 

Phone : 0411 811 535

Stirling Business Centre
45 Delawney Street
Balcatta  6021
WA  Australia